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Rokaya first from Bajhang to reach atop Sagarmatha

by, Bhumiraj Pithatoli

BAJHANG, May 30: Sangita Rokaya of Dhuli in Saipal Rural Municipality-4 is the first Bajhangi girl to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the world Sagarmatha or Everest. The 26-year-old successfully climbed the mountain on May 17 with the help of Pioneer Adventure Company.

Rokaya was atop Mt Sagarmatha with the message to put an end to the Chhaupadi practice, an age-old practice of banishing women to a shed away from home during menstruation. She displayed the banner reading “Mt Everest Mission Chhaupadi practice Elimination: An Attempt of a Daughter from far western Nepal: Sangita Rokaya”.

Rokaya attempted to climb Saipal Himal (7031 meters) for the first time three years ago along with four other Bajhangi girls. Climbers from Spain, Italy and the US were also on the team. But due to bad weather, the attempt was not successful.

However, her strong determination led to her finally scaling the world’s highest mountain. “I had to work hard to convince everyone including my family,” said Rokaya. She said that it was more difficult to raise expenses for the expedition than to climb Mount Everest.

Rokaya said that she climbed Everest on the condition that she would pay half the amount later to the adventure company. The expedition has cost her Rs. 2.5 million.

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Chamla waterfall at Gadaraya drawing crowds in Bajhang
Chamla waterfall at Gadaraya drawing crowds in Bajhang

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School reconstruction in Bajhang making headway
School reconstruction in Bajhang making headway

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