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Chamla waterfall at Gadaraya drawing crowds in Bajhang

by Bhumiraj Pithatoli; 11 February 2024 : The Chamla or Gorakhali falls, the longest waterfall in Bajhang district, has started drawing crowds of people for its magnificence. It was almost unknown until few years back, but has now shot to fame with road connectivity.

Scores of visitors come daily for observing this cascade located at Gadaraya of Khaptad Chhanna rural municipality-7, said Bhuwan Joshi, a local.

“This waterfall in our area was insignificant for us, may be because it was a common sight for us the locals. But it has shot into fame and started holding significance for us as hordes of people from neighbouring districts have been pouring in for sight-seeing in recent days after the construction of a road leading to the waterfall,” he said.

People can go up-close the waterfall, splash the water and enjoy the nature around the area. Visitors take selfies, photos and walk around in this scenic spot.

The Chamla Jharana is known by different names as Gorakhali Jharana, Korkatiya Chhaharo, Ubakholako Chhaharo etc. However, its more popular name is Chamla Jharana. This waterfall also has connection with local folklore.

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पानी र बरफ
पानी र बरफ

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Rokaya first from Bajhang to reach atop Sagarmatha
Rokaya first from Bajhang to reach atop Sagarmatha

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