बुधबार, बैशाख ५, २०८१
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Rise up

Rise up
Like a cursed soul who has been doomed badly
With an enormous sisyphean tasks
life time after life time
But, within the heart, making the hope sprung
to fight back the realized deeds
dragging the self
touching the height silently.

For a while, you have been placed in a hole
buried and discarded
as if your identity is worth of it
yet, shed the roots, so deep
So deep down you go,
the deeper you go,the taller you grow
rise up like a tree
bestowing the flowers and fruits
to the beholders

Like a dream,
amidst the mischievous desires
So devious;
in the whirling chain Of life – death and oblivion
starts up on a base
that looks like a garbage pit
all dirty and rubbish
Yet, with a promise
to be the most bloomy lotus flower
rising up,
With a stunning look, in the pond of filthy mud.

फेसबुक प्रतिक्रियाहरु


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